♝ Visit to the Vet :[


Although Popcorn is still as active, and her appetite stayed somewhat the same as before, she has been sneezing more often between minutes and more strongly at night. I googled to see if this was common among puppies, and also asked around for advice. The vet who gave Popcorn her vaccine was aware of her sneezing but said that as long as there was no cough, Popcorn should be well in a couple of days. I was however worried and decided to bring her to another clinic to verify her symptoms when the sneezing did not lessen.

This other clinic was great and the lady doctor was patient, sweet and gentle with Popcorn. :) She said that Popcorn appeared to have developed some throat infection. :( my heart sank. Poor baby was ill and it took me this long before I brought her some help. The vet said that it was a common inflammation of the throat and that it was only at its initial stages. She told me that it wasn’t right that Popcorn was given a vaccine 2 days ago if she wasn’t completely healthy. =.= I was unfortunately misinformed previously.. I pray there wouldn’t be any long term implications. I got back home and gave Popcorn her antibiotics. I was to update the vet in about a week’s time on Popcorn’s condition. *fingers crossed* Popcorn baby… get well soon ok! Big Hugs…