♥ Feeling really Thankful :}


This afternoon, we saw that Jet had blogged about the two awards he had received over the past week :) Whoa…. Congratulations big brother! :D *Crazy paw shakes* and *Big belly rubs*! :D You got it? ;) You, Mom and the rest of the furgang certainly deserve every award that has come your way. :} We’re so happy and proud of you! :) Keep up the great work! ♥

As we read on, i noticed that brother Jet had graciously shared one of his awards with us. The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. O.O! Mom kinda threw her arms in the air and smile with great delight! O.O! Thank you thank you thank you she said with a big smile on her face. :} Thank you Jet! Mom and i are deeply touched and honored to receive this gift from you :) Thank you for thinking about us and supporting our efforts, as you say it. :} Xoxoxo!! Anyway, here are the rules:

(1) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

Thank you dearest brother Jet for nominating your little sis for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!! You’re the best brother any little sister can have! I made a little something for you Jetty! :} It’s at the end of this post ;) That’s to say thank you for being….. just the way you are :D you Jet!

(2) Share 7 things about yourself…

  1. I lick my nose when Mom touches it, and will do it again as long as Mom continues. teehee.
  2. I seldom “speak” even though my neighbors “speak” a whole lot every day and night.
    I “speak” only to tell Mom that my pee-pad’s too stinky! Or when i’m not feeling well at night.
  3. I show my belly to Grandma and Grandpa as soon as i see them walking towards me.
  4. When i see Mom walking towards the door or down the stairs in the morning, I run towards
    the door or steps and vibrate in one spot with excitement while my floppy ears move back
    and forth as i wait to greet her :D Sometimes i whine a little :P
  5. Nothing beats playing fetch with a crushed ball of paper. =D
  6. I am a licker. Mom thinks i lick their hands on an average of 75-100 times daily. o.O Is that a lot?
  7. I continue licking my empty food bowl for at least 1-2 minutes after my kibbles are finished.
    I ♥ foodies! And i secretly hope that more kibbles would appear if i continue licking the bowl. :D

(3) Nominate 15 bloggers you admire. Here they are! :D

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And now a little something for Jetty Spaghetti!

i hope you like it Jet! ;) ♥ Popcorn!