☭ DE-N-TAL! =O


Update about my Mission to Escape De-n-tal!

i didn’t make it .________.

here’s ME on my way to da clinic .________________.

how is this happening….

noonoo…. this can’t be happening….

pooowse let me be doooreaming

i think my fate is sealed. o.o

 H E L P  me!?


hey Poppy! “You have ARRIVED at your DESTINATION.” D=

OOOO OOOO who’s that!

ehh why are you ignoring me o.O?

.____________. oh well.

OH DOG. it’s the moment of truth.

“Okay Poppy let’s hear what the doctor has to say!”

(1) Tiny Tooth Extraction x1

(2) Tini Tooth Extraction x1

(3) Tinier Tooth Extraction x1

(4) Scaling (Wooot in da worrrlda is that!!)


mom….. i did not sign up for this. You DO NOT have my paw of approval!!!

Moments after mom met with da doc, i heard the nurse tell her she coot pick me 2 hours later. O.O What is happenings! Why is mommmy leaving! O.O Not funnnnny!!!!

Popcorn: Message from the clinic guys!

Mom just dropped me off at the vet for my teeth extraction.
Dr. said that I’ve got three teeth to extract and scaling to be done.
The furkids beside me tell me that mom will pick me up in a couple of hours.
I can’t wait!! I hope that teeth extraction doesn’t hurt. U_U missing you already mommy…..”

Mom: Message from the clinic guys!

Yay!!!! Just received the magic call! :D
Time to pick up the furball! Mommy’s coming over!!! :D

*Glad to know that everything is fine with my little popcorn* :D

On da way back homes! And Drooooooling! :D teehee.

by da look of this… i must have been feeling pretty *STONED*

*seeing birds….. flying high~~~~~*

WOOT. da world is movin’ funny mom…….

._. ZzzZzzzzz……Zzzzz…

wherrreeee arrree weeeee goooingsssssss

i’mmmm spinnin’ aroundzzz

starting to feeel kinda…..


lend me your arm mom…… :}

….. Zzzzzzzzz….

mom….. are we homes yet?

o.o oooooooo i seeeeee homes!

Nighty night folks!

Poppy -OUT-

*thinking…. what in da world just happened~*

off to dooreamyland~

think i like it better in da crate :D


Anyways here’s how my mouth looks like nows! :D eeeeeeee…..

*phew* thank goodness da doctor was gentle with my gums!! :D teehee. i didn’t feel no nothin’!
i’mma brave popcorn! da *holes* in my mouth won’t hinder my appetite! :P
When dinner time came, i was nomming away like Speedy Gonzales! *BURPS*

but i think i was one clingy MONkey da whole of today.. :P
You know…. you’ve got to milk as much belly rubbies as possible in moments like this!


Oh oh! mom got me a kiddy tooth brush to keep my gums healthy too. HA!
It’sssss PINK. O.O