✎ Today’s story! :D


Good morning! ♥ Lots of pictures and videos to share today!

Mom seems to be holding something in her hands

i wonder what it is?

o.O EH?

what could THAT be?

omd. are those SHOOOOES!?

Yeah. I got Poppy rain booties. :D They were too cute to pass up! But before you get too excited, i returned them to the store just hours after we got them. :( They couldn’t fit Poppy’s paws. None of the sizes could. So we exchanged the booties for Popcorn’s pee-pad, and more dental treats instead. :}

Next up!

Mom got this for me tooo!

Herbal Ear Cleaner that naturally maintains clean and healthy ears. :D

A natural alternative to the treatment of ear problems. Herbal Ear Cleaner can be used for dogs with excess ear wax problems or external ear canal infections and as an every day ear cleaner.

Vets All Natural products are all veterinary formulated and combine the healing knowledge of both orthodox and natural/herbal medicine. All formulas are made from 100% natural ingredients and are free from harmful and unwanted side effects.

Ingredients include
Aloe Vera Juice
Sea Mineral Extracts
3% Hydrogen Peroxide
Tea Tree Oil

Usage Guidelines:
For other problems, apply daily until ear canals are clean then once weekly for maintenance.

*YaY* to clean floppy ears!!! :D


Time for Tweats Poppy!

Mom….. are you really giving me a tweat?

What do you mean i need to work for it?

=O huh?


*sniffs*…. they’re so near yet so far..

i feel myself starting to hallucinate

mom….the tweats look like they’re rising up to the clouds ☁

i’m not kidding!! LOOK!

is it time yet?



how about if i do this?


then what mom?

i can’t believe i’m not getting any tweats yet. o.o


Ohhhhhhh so that’s what you wanted Mom? 

You should have pointed the “gun” at me sooner Mom! 

More tweats mom?



♫ Popcorn Responds to Lyrics! :D


Without any cue, Popcorn seems to respond in a particular way… to this one word in the song “I Love You Baby” (as you will see in the video). :) I think it’s probably a one-off episode and just a coincidence. But it was so cute i had to video it. :D


Then Mom and i played a game of fetch with toilet paper! :D Yay!

Another round mom?


One last wordy bit!

I chased contractors around the living hall this afternoon :D I was a great watch-dog. I made sure i followed those handyman visitors every time they crossed my path. Someone had to keep a look out right? :D

Oooh and i’ve got some great news to share with you guys! Mom was very proud of me today :D I’ve finally mastered the surprise trick! Mom’s going to put all the videos together soon and post it here! :D I can’t wait!! :D

Have a fabulous day guys! *i love you* :}