♞ It’s time to Play Fetch!


♛ a little lioness

yes mom? you called?


>>>>>>>>>>> It’s time to Play Fetch! <<<<<<<<<<<

Watch as Popcorn skips and hops and runs for her toy :}

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Wanna know what’s she like after playing fetch?

and now, she finally rests…

until the next whiff of food catches her attention again :D


At some point tonight, i carried Poppy on my shoulder and started doing some household chores like packing magazines into magazine racks, clearing out the garbage, and wiping off dust from the table top. I guess i wanted to see how it would be like to care for a child while handling basis tasks. Lol. To be honest, it felt kinda tiring, especially having to ensure that Poppy wouldn’t slip off or fall backwards. Therefore, kudos to all moms, dads, and caretakers for all your efforts. :) oh boy. i’m being quite random.


❤ Did you know that Poodles were originally bred to be water retrievers?