☢ Monday Began with Sunday’s Dream


I dreamt that Popcorn died! O.O I balled my eyes out in the dream, my heart was crushed. I woke up with tears in my ears and an aching heart. ={ It felt soooo bad! Can I childishly say that I never ever want that to happen?

People around me often say that whatever bad that happens in a dream isn’t a reflection of reality, but the direct opposite. :) It’s comforting to have friends and family remind you that just after a dream like this. :} — so i’m Screaming…… LONG-LIVE the Popcorn!!!


Playing “Fetch the Chicken Drumstick” with
Poppy today made me realize that my little baby
is all grown up and strong. She’s running faster
and faster day by day, moving as fast as a [fluffy]
bullet train =D

Got to admit she really adores that drumstick :D



Poppy says:

“Mommy carried me in her arms and walked towards the stairs thinking I was part of the things to
bring upstairs.=D 

And…. that Peanut has been whining the whole day! Me ears are going going…. O.O!”

Here’s a video of Poppy playing with Giggs. Kissy Kissy!

Watch Popcorn go crazy around Giggs. .