➲ Hazel Eyes, Cirque du Soleil



Cirque du Soleil

I can’t believe Poppy did a handstand today guys. O.O A HAND STAND! I always thought her arms weren’t strong enough to hold her weight but she did it today! O.O None of this was planned. It just happened!

So i was in the loo, and Poppy was there too. I gave her a little nudge to ask her to scoot out but she was certain she wanted to stay. So the fur ball pushed her tiny paws firmly against the door “curb”, saying “i’m not going anywhere!

But being a real tini…. the little nudge to her bum sent her hind legs up in the air and right above her head. omd. Did you just do a pawstand Poppy?!!

I immediately checked to see if her back was okay, or if she was feeling any discomfort from the awkward paw stand, but Poppy was fine. :D She was absolutely PAWSOME!

I’m still baffled by the whole incident. Poppy! Did you even know you did A Paw Stand!!! *Big grins!*

Lol, you never fail to surprise me Poppy Poopie. You’re like my hero! And i’m your biggest fan :} *Hugs Hugs*!


Anyway here’s something really cool i saw on YouTube. Eye Popping!! 



At 12.15 a.m Poppy poop was barking non-stop because she saw a baby house lizard crossing. BOL.


Now that she’s back upstairs and best friend and i are watching the grand finale of Junior Master Chef on TV, Poppy got busy with one very important task, and that was to fight for a spot on the bean bag. Lol!

She was pacing in front of the beanie and twirling around our feet, saying “MOM!!!!!! excuse me!!!” -.- Haha. I scooted a little to the right and left her a small corner, about a foot long. tsktsk. We wanted to see what she would do next. :P Poppy took whatever she got. :D teehee. She hopped up and placed her tiny bum right smack on the spot and snuggled up with us. Alright then Poppy, i guess it’s TV TIME!!! =D

Being with you is one of the best things in life. :} *i Love you Poppy!!*