ッ 15 Feb was a day of shopping! ❤.❤


Popcorn’s Revolution supplies have depleted and for the last couple of days, I’ve been considering putting her on a different product. Her vet recommended to use separate products, one that specializes in heart worm prevention, and another for fleas and ticks. So i spent that last two days reading reviews on different brands in the market. :) I came across Interceptor and thought that it was a pretty good product to use with Frontline. :D

As Poppy is only 2.5kg now, I called up several vets in search of Interceptor for dogs under 4kg but boy was it a challenge to find! Most clinics said they do not order it as most dogs they treat are not so small. huh. but Popcorn is? Chihuahuas are too aren’t they? :( It seems like the only place that sells this version is online. :( Desperate due to time constrains, i made the decision to continue with Revolution for now, perhaps until Popcorn’s a little bigger. mmm…Will she get any bigger?

I’ll be getting the 2.6 – 5kg version, instead of the one she’s been on for the last 3 months (Revolution for Puppies and Kittens less than 2.5kg). :)

Revolution for Ex-Small Dogs (2.5 kg – 5 kg)

:D can’t wait!


I also started to look around for the best place to sterilise Poppy. Still feeling unsure about it, but i guess i’m leaning towards doing it.

I did some online reading and found this site

Why Sterilize your pet?

Significant Medical Reasons

Spaying reduces the risk of mammary tumours (which can be life threatening – just like breast cancer in women). Tumours of the ovaries, uterus and cervix and pyometra, a gross infection of the uterus, can also be prevented.

Castration reduces the risk of prostatic disease, perianal tumours, and eliminates the risk of testicular cancers.

Desexing may also be recommended in your pet to prevent hereditary diseases being passed on, or for treatment of some diseases such as prostatic hypertrophy or pyometra.

Select this link for more information on the medical and behavioural benefits of sterilisation

Some truths about Sterilizing your dog (according to the above website):

(1) Spaying a dog before her first heat will reduce the risk of mammary cancer to nearly zero. Every season/heat a female has significantly increases her chance of developing mammary cancer.

(2) By removing organs that produce hormones, your pet’s metabolism may be slowed, and therefore overfeeding your pet will make it fat.

(3) There is generally no change in the character of your dog. Young males will be less inclined to mount objects and jump fences in search of a female mate. However, they will still be happy to chase their favorite ball or participate in their favorite activity.

(4) As guarding abilities results from instinctive territorial behavior, your dog’s ability to guard will not changed as a result of the procedure.

(5) Sterilizing your dog at 6 months means that they do not have a chance to develop mating behaviors. Therefore it is a myth that your pup will develop a longing for mating.


I went over to Pet Lovers today to deal with Poppy’s Meal Fixers (really more like her pickiness) and some other stuff


(1) get revolution (2) get front line spray

Left Pet Lovers with:

(i) no revolution

(ii) no front line spray

(iii) plenty of something something else D=

I was happily shopping for everything else from shampoo to brushes to foodies to chewable teething treats.. and had completely forgotten about the two main things i came for. whaddup. x_X


Kangaroo and Chicken in the can from Burps!

I got Kangaroo and Chicken in the can from Burps! to add to Poppy’s meals, but after warming it up, it still did not work. Popcorn just sniffed it a little, tasted it, and went running off. But i should have known this was going to happen since she doesn’t like her kibbles soggy. I tried giving her Salmon Mousse this morning too but nothing happened. Cold still food still remained in her food bowl. :[

Conclusion drawn: Poppy Hates Fish. 

and soggy food.

Anyway after Poppy and i had our dinner, Daddy offered to send me back to Pet lovers to purchase Revolution :D I came home with Revolution and Acana for Small Breed Puppies. 60% Chicken, 20% Salmon, 20% Whole eggs.

Higher in protein and lower in carbohydrate to better match the natural diet of small breed puppies,
Acana Puppy Small Breed is bursting with premium meat ingredients (a full 60%) including free-run
and whole eggs from local prairie farms, and pacific salmon from Vancouver’s cold pacific
World class human-grade ingredients delivered fresh each day, so they’re never frozen and use no preservatives.

Best friend and I decided that Acana was going the last straw. After which, if Poppy refuses to eat, we would be very firm with her. . I’m hoping that the 20% Salmon wasn’t going to make the food smell as fishy as fish4dogs *cross fingers*

The person at Pet Lovers suggested to us to use the 15 minute hunger method for dogs that are picky eaters. This involves serving the food bowl to your dog every 15 minutes until he or she eventually learns that the food will become less tasty by the minute, and they also become hungrier, so the hopeful reaction is that they eat up their food when given. Sounds cruel huh. I haven’t done it but i’ve got a feeling we’re going to have to. o.o Be good Poppy.


What happened with Acana when we got home:

I hand-fed a kibble, but Poppy spat it down. AHHH. what am i going to do???? Then i placed them in the bowl and as walked into the store room to keep some stuff i heard something – the sound of kibbles moving around in the stainless steel bowl. OoooOo. I popped my head out and saw Poppy munching her way into the bowl. :D Wahah. so the kid likes it enough. ;) i hope. The true test comes tomorrow morning.

So yay! She ate it all up, the full spoon, and even sniffed the ground for more. Does this mean she really likes it? Or just too hungry? When she was done, i jumped out of the store (haha) and praised her enthusiastically. Poppy was uber excited (not sure if she knew why). To “reward” her, i gave her another spoon. But perhaps she was already full from the previous few kibbles she ate, Poppy didn’t want any more. Nonetheless i’m still glad that she took a chance on Acana :) That’s a good sign. Keep it up okay baby. You really got to eat, if not you’ll remain puny as ever.


Guess What Happened to the Lunar New Year Plant?

Mommy pointed to the lunar new year plant and said “This is what your Popcorn did”.


It now looks something like this:

I also trimmed Poppy’s fur today. :) And then gave her revolution. Sleepy head knocked out right after. :)

Love you baby!