✷ Flash back to the days of the Fussy Eater


Isn’t it a joy to see your pup enjoying his or her meal? :) I smile every time i hear Popcorn crunching her kibbles away. But she wasn’t always like this. Popcorn was once a fussy eater. But thanks to the advice from several vets and doggie grooming centers, Popcorn now munches on her kibbles quickly without much hesitation. She’s also showing greater interest in her food. :) ♥

… How Popcorn eventually overcame it :) 

Popcorn’s Experiences with Fish4Dogs Puppy Food

These were the things I’ve tried in the past to encourage Popcorn to eat, perhaps you’ve tried them too.

(1) Mixing Food Motivators like shredded chicken, treats, and Nutrigel into her main food

(2) Grinding the Food Motivators before mixing them into her food

(3) Grinding the Kibbles and Food Motivators together

(4) Drizzling some water onto the kibbles (i thought that because she was teething, softening her kibbles may encourage her to eat)

(5) Coaxing her

(6) Changing the type of food

(7) Mixing around different Flavors (Fish, Chicken, Lamb, Brush Tail)

(8) Visiting the vet

(9) Asking for advice

(10) Researching Online

Unfortunately, some of these methods were not always as effective as i hoped. Popcorn’s fussy eating habits resurfaced every 1 – 2 weeks.

So how did Popcorn overcome it?

 ッ 15 Feb was a day of shopping! ❤.❤ 
The person at Pet Lovers suggested to us to use the 15 minute hunger method for dogs that are picky eaters. This involves serving the food bowl to your dog every 15 minutes until he or she eventually learns that the food will become less tasty by the minute, and they also become hungrier, so the hopeful reaction is that they eat up their food when given.

☛ Who’s a f__ eater? o.O 
We saw the sweet vet Dr. Kim again today. :) She was great. Poppy seems to remember her, her tail wagging, mouth like smiling. :) ❤ We talked about Popcorn’s diet and eating habits. Yup, I’m going to heed her advice to have Poppy know who’s boss (she agreed with the assistant at Pet Lovers too!). She said that with poodles, it’s mostly a mind game. They are easy to train, but they can also train their owners easily. Haha. sounds about right there…

☸ 22nd February 2012: Pit Stops at the Food Bowl: Fish Kibble Experiment 
This post is a record of the amount of time Popcorn took to eventually start eating her first fish kibble, until the time she finishes with most of her happy fish meal. The following experiment relies on the 15 minute hunger method, and is done without tasty food motivators like venison, brush tail, and chicken.

Seeing Poppy chomping down her food today reminded me of the struggle we once faced and overcame. :) Way to go Poppy! We’re very proud of you :) ♥


♛ Highlights of the day

♘ I carried Poppy on my shoulder (gave her a shoulder ride) while i fetched some fried rice, and a whole bunch of condiments from the kitchen today. :)

♘ Popcorn dragged her blue cushion back and forth across the living hall several times today (something like this)

♘ Daddy said Popcorn performs a Welcome Ceremony like the Traditional Lion Dance whenever he arrives home :D

♘ Poppy heard Rex barking outside and woke up to see what was going on. :D

♘ Poppy pee-ed at the sleeping area of her crate because there was poop on her pee-pad and she didn’t wish to dirty herself

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Tee-hee. You made me smile so much today. ❤ 

❤ This is my very first time participating in Pet Blogger Hop! A Big Giant Thank You to Pet Blog Hop hosts! Nothing like a great place to meet new friends :)