Poppy says “Have a Break! It’s the Weekend!”


a furkid trying to mimic the expressions of moms & dads through the week. 


Start of the Week Face

Slightly gloomy, possibly due to the Monday Blues..


Weekday Mornings: Experiencing Sleep debt



Mid Week Face

Looking a little more attentive but still lacking interest and still not smiling.


Thursday Face

Oooo… Looking forward to the weekend and starting to source (sniff) around for places to go.


Friday Face

The Weekend is fast approaching! It’s time to let the smile out!


Weekend Pawty Face

Pawty hard!


After Pawty Face

 Pawty-ed hard and feeling pooped -.-


Sunday Night Face


and that’s the look you have when you realize there’s school/work tomorrow.


Notice that Grandma’s wearing the “Have a Break” T-shirt? :D

Popcorn says Have a Break too because the Weekend’s here!!


And if you’re facing challenges at school, at work or at play…

Step up to the challenge! You’ll get through the day. :)

Have a happy weekend!!