☄ It’s Mothers’ Day the Peeper says!!


The Peeper was in the house again today! :D She crept towards the t.v area while best friend and i were watching Manchester United versus Sunderland English Premier League. She was looking to join in the action. :D It went something like this:

…a shadowy figure was spotted at the corner of the sofa. What’s that! Best friend peeped over the couch and saw miss poptart inching her way towards the sofa (and hmph, past the invisible line). She looked at Poppy, and Poppy looked back at her. “eh.” she said. It didn’t take long for Popcorn to realize that she was spotted. Poppy immediately pushed herself back, just far enough to be at the invisible line where she’s allowed. “okay. i’m behind the line” she says. Best friend continued to look at Poppy, watching to see what the furball would do next. AHA! Popcorn inched back out, past the invisible line again without looking at best friend — then she stopped, and peeped to see if anyone was watching. “ooooooooops.

Best friend couldn’t resist the whole performance Poppy was putting on, so she picked the furball right up to the sofa to join us — Poppy’s Mission Accomplished. :D

Oh and by the way, today.. beloved Chicken Drumstick officially lost the battle against Popcorn furball Poppy poop. Mommy found masses of white fluffy cotton-like material around the living hall. And Poppy had some around her tiny face. :P It was the cutest sight. Guess chicken drumstick is officially off the ground and up on the shelf together with mr. pineapple, zebit, mr. giraffe, and zebit generation two. Oops Poppy. Your supply of squeakies is diminishing. Well, at least there’s still mr. shrooms, beeps, and the newly joined fella, miss carrotto. :D

On a side note, the furball was so very engrossed with her foodies today, she barely noticed that her food bowl was migrating under the couch as she chomped her way through. :P 

Ooooo Oooooo Happy Mothers’ Day to all the world’s Mothers and Moms-to-be!! (That’s you sissy!) :D

I made Mom a simple Mothers’ Day Dinner today :)


Simple Green Salad with Eggs, Tomatoes, and Avocado

Freshly Made Minestrone Soup with ABC pasta (Mom’s Favorite)

Sauteed Mushrooms with Garlic

Spicy Teriyaki Spare Pork Ribs in a pot

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Onion & Cheese Sausages

and Choice of Wine or water :P


Here are some photos:

♥ Happy Mothers’ Day MOM!!!!! ♥



Wishing all Mothers (furkids’ Mommys included) a very Happy Mothers’ Day :) 

This poem’s for you :}


Poppy’s gift to her Mommy this Mothers’ Day was to be the Poppy, Poptart, Poopie poop, Tini wini, Smallness, Small Pants, Cutesy, furball Popcorn she is everyday… :) Thanks Poppy Poop for your morning, afternoon, and late night kissys everyday :} ♥ And for always putting a big smile on my face. :D i lovee you. There’s so much i’m grateful for.