❤ furiends….. i’m back! :D


hieeeeee everypawdy!

How has everypawdy been doing all this time! =D

i’ve been away for far toooooo long, it felt like furever! Here’s an update on what happened! The saddest thing happened, my website was inaccessible a while back because apparently somepawdy called a “domain broker” snatched up our domain and classified it as a premium domain, oh boy! mom went through a whole lot of trouble trying to get my domain fluffypopcorn.com back online, and it was a crazy costly process too….! but if you asked me, i think it’s still worth every dime! :P we’re so sorry to have disappeared for so long…..

The moment i realized everything was set, i came right here to post this message to all my furiends! i am so excited to share that Mom has finally fixed it! YAY!!!

So while the website was down, we’ve been hanging out on social media, posting photos every now and then :P

Here’s my Instagram and Facebook page, i’m really hoping to find some of my furiends on Instagram too! i’ve missed you all so much…. @.@



Please drop me a message and let’s reconnect if it’s pawsible yaaaaa! ^.^

Mom has been busier lately but i really hope she can get back to blogging again. *paws crossed* ;)

Till next time! love you lots… and miss talking to you all…

Wishing you all a pawsome weekend!