☄ heeeeeeeeeee-eh-lo!


hey guys! mom said that i’ll be getting a bath tomorrow morning so that i’ll be nice smelling by the time best friend’s family comes over to visit — all da way from San Francisco! Hooohoo. i promised mom that i’ll give her my full co-operation tomorrow. :D You have my word mom! :D Well guys, i didn’t have much to do the whole of today. i spent time playing with my squeakies, chasing leaves that flew into the living hall, and making absolute sure that everything was going on well at homes. :) mom was very pleased. teehee :D i’mma currently hanging out upstairs with mom and best friend. We’re watching bio channel. MY GHOST STORY o.o i think i had a couple of freaky weirdie encounters before too! =X

Check out my *ghost* story here!

By da way, did anypawdy notice da new layout and background? :D Mom will be blogging about when these background photos were taken as soon as she has time on her hands. i can’t wait for all the older blog posts to be up! :D Plenty of stories i hope to share! :) How have you all been, dear furiends? ♥ And what have each of you been up to? i hope everypawdy has been well? :} mom and i will be going on house visits to catch up with da rest of the world soon :} We’ve missed you guys so much…….! :}

MANY *hugs* and *kisses*!

We wish that you are having a wonderful day wherever you and your loved ones may be.  :) Sending our love and happy thoughts. :} Thank you for sticking around! :} *Muaaack*! (“)(“)


         Time to snoooooze after tv time! :D

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