☄ Oh Please Help Me Meet Cesar Millan – Just Hours before Voting Closes!


Click this link to vOte for me!


OMD! Less than 5 hours to Go!

Hey furiends! Little Poppy has a tini favor to ask real urgently. Would you be so kind as to lend a paw or several paws to help Poppy win Best In Show? Popcorn recently joined a videO contest hoping to meet da Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Live in L.A and it would mean daaa wOOooorlda to us if we could have your vOte! Your last vote for Popcorn could make the critical difference. Please make the difference by casting your vote? :} ♥

If you would, simply click on the link below to vote for little Popcorn’s video and share the link with your furiends too. :) Thank you thank you thank you!! Wishing you a very happy dooodle day ahead! ♥ *huggies*

It’s a 30 second videO of me playing and munching and twirling and running and doing all stuff Poppy!

*I hope you’ll enjoy watching!*
With lots of love, Popcorn :}


Click this link to vOte for me! :D



Subara Best In Show: Dressed-Up Dog 





11 Comments on “☄ Oh Please Help Me Meet Cesar Millan – Just Hours before Voting Closes!”

  1. raisingdaisy says:

    We cast our vote for Poppy and DD is voting for Poppy separately too! We’ll keep our paws and fingers crossed that you win! Good luck!! :D

    • Oh thank you so much Daisy! Thank you sweet DD!! Everypawdy with one ip address can vOte once per day. :D Oh my paws are so crossed! mOm’s fingers and tOes are crossed!! Just 1 hr 25 minutes to go!

  2. voted and tweeted – good luck!

    • Oh Thank you thank you thank you Misaki!! i truly appreciate your efforts in lending a paw to help Poppy vOte in the final hours of vOting! :D You da best Misaki! How have you been? :D

  3. Reblogged this on Doggy's Style and commented:
    When I ask for help, people help me therefore when people ask for help I must help.
    There’s a star among us and if the star gets as famous as baby Jesus I wanna suck all I can from that fame.
    Let’s help Fluffy with this, thanks!

  4. Done and dusted. Hopped over and voted for you. Best of luck!

  5. Hey Poppy, Jetty here.

    We voted, we voted… whoo hoo, good luck. I missed you little sis… so sorry we’ve dropped off the earth. :( MOM’s FAULT….

    • Oh Jet! Jet! Mom’s da same!!! At least we see that you’ve been blogging! Maaah fluffy popcorn blog is x_X teehee. So much has happened over the last few months with Great grandpa sick and eventually slipping away. We’ve been trying to deal with all of it. Thank you so much for voting for
      maaaa video Jet! Did you enjoy it?

    • Hey Jetttty! It appears that Popcorn’s contest organizers decided to extend da contest by one more day! Would you mind helping her cast a vOte for today (since it has crossed past midnight where we’re at)? :} http://www.subarubestinshow.com/vote.php?dog_video=226 Thank you so much big brother! We truly appreciate your help! :D *huggies*

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