☄ Something meets the light of day, Someone’s gotten wiser today, Someone’s leaving for five days


It is the very first day of Lunar New Year and we were off to Grandma and Grandpa’s place early in the morning for breakfast and pai-nian. I was away until late afternoon and sure missed Popcorn’s puny face and slightly bobbing body (because of her thick fur coat) as she runs about the house playing fetch. On the journey back home, I Google-ed about the reasons for shaving the fur underneath the paws of dogs. Most people said that shaving helped to keep their dog clean, neat, and healthy (e.g. easy to spot ticks), others said that drying their dog’s feet after a walk was now more convenient with shaven paws, a few mentioned that their dog no longer skis across their flooring :D. Best friend mentioned that shaving would be good as dogs also sweat from their paws, thus keeping their under paws free of fur could cool down their body temperature. So there, after some reading up, i decided that Popcorn’s tiny under paws should finally meet the light of day. :D

I got home and immediately got on with it. What was supposed to be rest time, turned out to be 2 hours worth of cutting fur. Boy am I untrained for this. =\ Well at least now we get to see her little spongy under paws, don’t we? ;) ah haa 2 hours worth of cutting and this was the best i could come up with ————


tiny paws exposed (can you even see? o.O)

tiny paws

more tiny paws

even more tiny paws

tiny paws overload

:D so there we have it, until more professional grooming opportunities sometime in the near future. :P


I realized something way cool today– Popcorn can finally run down the stairs! When did that happen?! haha. It’s like she just grew wiser and braver over night! WhoooohOoooooOoo! :D so proud of my babe :D ♥  Here’s the action caught on video!

After some private Got Wiser party with mom, me, and Popcorn, mom and i got ready and went off to auntie’s place for dinner. :D Gonna miss you again Popcorn!


Big decision made tonight:

After much consideration over the last 4 days, tonight.. i finally agreed to go out of town for a 5 day business/leisure trip. During the last few days, I wondered who was going to take Popcorn out on her daily walk while i was away, clean her poop butt in the middle of the night, feed her, brush her teeth, brush her fur coat, clean her tear stain, change her water, discipline her, and practice her tricks with her. o.O it suddenly dawned on me that i had to choose a disciple or two :P. Just who is it gonna be? I came up with the best solution. Mom and Dad would be in charge of Popcorn’s daily walks (they kindly offered, yay!), and Wanti would do the rest. tee hee. :P Poor Wanti… but she shouldn’t feel upset or anything, Popcorn is very cute, it’s a privilege ok! :P

This decision to leave the country made me want to spend every waking hour beside Popcorn until i leave. But we all know that’s just unrealistic. =.= When i got back home from Auntie’s place at 11 pm, I took Popcorn out for a walk around the stadium track, twice. :) Baby loved it. I then spent the next 2 hours or so washing and blow drying her feet, trimming her hind legs, playing fetch and chase with her, and feeding her some treats (oops bad timing i know). She’s looking so tall now with her hind legs neatly trimmed. :D Really a babe ;)

Something else happened tonight too. Popcorn slammed her head against her crate after building up extreme excitement from fetching and catching mr. frog. she YELLED in her high pitch voice (really HIGH PITCH VOICE) and ran towards me. baby hid between my legs, looking quite terrified. :P ah hah. nah she wasn’t hurt. i just figured that she wanted some sayang :} cute popcorn.

♡ Hoping that the night wouldn’t end and the tiredness wouldn’t kick in…. i just want to spend all the time i can afford with her.

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