☯ The Chinese Ornament Thief on Lunar New Year


Just as I was writing the entry of the threading blue cushion, I saw from the corner of my eye a shadow, followed by a “piak” on the floor. So I went over to take a look and guess who I saw doing what. o.O Popcornnnnnn…… what do you think you’re doing now huh? Check out the video below. The first is part of the original mischief in action and the second, is a re-enactment of the scene. Haha. Clearly you can go at it for hours each time. Super naughty!

♠ Part 1 of this video shows what i initially saw Popcorn doing when i first came downstairs.

♠ Part 2 [Take One] is an attempted re-enactment of how Popcorn retrieved the ornament from the plant.

What i did was hang the ornament back onto the plant and waited to film Popcorn caught in action. :]

♠ Part 3 [Take Two] is a 2nd re-enactment of the initial scene, showing how Popcorn eventually succeeded in retrieving the ornament from the plant :)

Enjoy the comments in Popcorn’s perspective! ;)

The first time I shhh-ed her, she looked up with eyes saying “ooops.” walked towards me with the string hanging from her mouth, dropped it onto the floor and sat quietly beside me, looking back, awaiting her fate. :P haha. It was too bad I stopped the video too soon and did not capture the scene of her walking towards me with the ornament hanging from her mouth. The latter scene, I believe you saw :) haha Popcorn, you gave me the perfect video for LUNAR NEW YEAR. ❤

One Comment on “☯ The Chinese Ornament Thief on Lunar New Year”

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