❤ Daily Routine


Visiting Popcorn at the Pet Store has become a daily routine

I unfortunately cannot bring her home until the 14th of November as my house is currently under renovation. So every day after the 30th was dog visiting day! I was there to familiarize myself with her behavior, her eyes, her sounds, her eating habits, pooping habits, her play time, her favorite toys, her body language, her tail wag. :P I took it all it. From this day on, I made myself a promise that I was going to treasure every minute of our time together and make this the most honest, trusting and fulfilling relationship for the both of us :)

Her loves


*Soft toys

*Other dogs



*Play time

*Food, food and more food

Her dislikes

*Poop in her crate


*She doesn’t bark even when all the dogs around her are barking

*She whines immediately after you put her down

*She has a pooping ritual

*She’s a licker

*She follows feet

*She grunts when she plays

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