♣ The Bobbing Furball :D


Mom came home this afternoon looking really excited to receive Poppy’s greetings, only to see that the furball wasn’t at the door waiting. o.O

It went something like this…

Mom walked into the living hall.


AY? Where’s pOpcorN??? Why isn’t she here to greet me?”


The furball was close by though. Bearing witness to mom’s confusion :P

She was bobbing up and down, peeping from the table top. Booo-hoooo Grandma!!! I’m over here!! Excited she was. :D teehee.

Poppy did something like this ☛

Later in the night, Mom wanted to put Popcorn back into the crate but the furball ran up the steps and slowly backed into the corner. Mom said the little one broke her heart.. aww it’s time to sleep baby… :} Hold on to miss carrotto, mr. pineapple, pinkiwinkle, strawberry rope, and loopie.. :) They’ll keep you safe and bring you sweet dooreams tonight :} ♥ i’ll see you in the morning :} *Huggies*