✌ Post Surgery Surprise (day 2)!


Morning has come.

The alarm rang, I scooped myself out of bed and ran down the stairs to feed Popcorn her breakfast. She ate quickly which was great :) But I was more concerned when i saw that Poppy hasn’t peed nor pooped since Sunday night. I needed to find out what was wrong, so i called up the clinic. The nurse sounded slightly worried by this news, but she was professional in her response. She asked if Poppy had enough to drink, ate well, and slept well last night. The answer was “Yes” to all three questions. Then she said what i feared to hear most, that if Poppy doesn’t pee by tomorrow, i would have to bring her in for a check. Was something really wrong Poppy? I decided to carried out my own “investigation”. 

i. Poppy didn’t drink a whole lot of water from her water bowl since last night.

ii. Poppy hesitated when she approached her water bowl, and backed away when she experienced some difficulty drinking due to the e-collar she had on.

iii. When i re-installed Poppy’s bottle and led her towards the mouth piece, Poppy drank a whole lot of water.

iv. I took Poppy’s e-collar off and she shook a whole lot. *happy tail wags* :D

v. I put on a colorful rainbow shirt on Poppy, ensuring that it covered her wound so she couldn’t reach it.

vi. Then i went upstairs to collect something for my mom. But before i reached the top of the stairs, i went back down to see what Poppy was doing *the paranoid mom* eh. where did the furball go? i scanned through the living hall and couldn’t see her. My heart started to race. Then i peeped into her crate. =P Tini was squatting in her pee corner — PEEING!! xD WoooHooO! i waited patiently for her to finish, she was taking a while :P When she was finally out, i applauded her saying “Yaayy! Such a good girl Poppy! You finally pee-ed! :D”

So i guess it was the e-collar that restricted Poppy from peeing. She couldn’t gauge her position on the pee-pad so she held her pee. :)

I cleaned her up and changed the pee-pad. Poppy’spee spot measured at least 8 inches in diameter! Wooh.

Relieved and extremely proud of Poppy, i went upstairs to collect the documents for my mom. I was back down two minutes later and guess what i saw? POOOPy!!! =D Popcorn is A-OKAY! :D

Grandma’s home!

“i hopped about a little and even walked up the steps to greet Grannie today! She’s back! i was a happy little furface receiving grandma’s daily dose of hugs and snuggles :D  ♥

I’m doing better now, it’s only been a day! :)) Mommy’s been home the whole day taking care of me and giving me lotsa hugs and snuggles. ♥ Mommy spent the afternoon hanging out with me as i zoned in and out of snoozyland. She was so glad i was looking better :) i’m drinking water from my old baby bottle even with my e-collar on  :) but it still takes a bit of bumping around the crate for me to get a sense of the space now that i’ve got a huge head. :P”

i’m starting to play with my toys! :D

Catching the last beams from the sun :)

Poppy’s Surgery was a success! :}

Thank you all so much :} Your words and prayers
really helped me stay calm :} i’m sorry i only updated
you today.. i was worried last night and spent the night watching Poppy’s progress after her surgery. :)
A Really big thank you for your kind sweet words. ♥ :} Poppy and I sends over our looooove and hugs!
♥ We’re very grateful ♥

Celebration with furry and non-furry
friends on Facebookie!

Hello furiends! :D Poppy just realized it has been one month since she joined Facebookie! :D She wants to tell all of you how happy you’ve made her feel everyday since :) She really appreciates each and everyone of you. :} Thank you for adding beauty to our everyday! :} We loooove you!! — bet ya already know that! ;) *HUGGIES*


Mommy said good night baby, good night darling.
She was referring to baby Poppy, and i was mommy’s darling :} ♥

 Sweet dreams you! :}