✍ Popcorn’s Mission today


“Good Morning Pooopie!!!”

who’s calling?


mmm. what you want mom?

What? What Mission Mom?!

O.O don’t leave me hanging???


“Hey Popcorn! Grandpa gave you a Mission today.”

Popcorn had a mission this evening, and that was to pose for Daddy’s camera while standing/sitting beside the gift basket! :D My dad went for cataract eye surgery this morning, and his colleagues graciously sent a gift basket wishing him the best of recovery :} Dad wanted to take a photo of Popcorn beside the gift basket, and send his colleagues the photo in an email thinking them for their well wishes :) These were the clearer photos of Poppy posing for the camera. The rest were shaky with Popcorn all over the place. :D tsk. ❤

Curious furball: What’s this white fluffy thing?


Whoa, where do you want me to stand Grandpa?

Would here be fine?

eh i wasn’t ready!

ooooo i can’t get enough of this white fluffy thing.


“Focus Popcorn!”


Okay Grandpa, how about if i lie down?

whoa! i hope you caught me standing! did you Grandpa?

heh. i’m resting. Posing for the camera is tough. Unless you’ve got tweats????

tweats??? anyone heard me?


eh… looks like no one heard me…

hey! where’s everybody going?