⁂ i’m so happy today!


hieeee everypawdy! would anypawdy want to make a guess why i’m so happy today?! :D

i’ve been grinning the entire afternoon ever since mom’s friends came to visit!

mom said it’s Chinese New Year and it’s a tradition for friends and family to visit each other and celebrate the New Year with yummy cookies, heart to heart conversations and the exchange of mandarin oranges. but if you asked me, i honestly think i was the main reason for mom’s friends to visit :P heehee!

anyhooooo mom got me ready in the morning and i knew something was up because i usually showered in the late afternoon! i had a nice warm bath, a new haircut, and i was really looking forward to pawtying! 

i was soooooo elated the moment our guests arrived and i think they were too! i kept hearing them say “sooooo cute!!!” :P i’m sure they were talking about me :D

i gots to say…… the next couple of hours was IN——-CREDIBLE – the amount of belly rubbies i received….. WOOOOOOOOOWWWW! i felt like the luckiest furkid in town!

Just check out my expression guys! i couldn’t contain my happiness! :D






no kiddings! :D i only ever scratch the floor this way when i’m too excited and can’t contain my happiness!

i really want to say thank you so much for all the belly rubbies and sayangs everypawdy! it was really nice meeting you all and i miss you all already……… i can’t wait to have you visit soon! :) i hope you enjoyed my mini performance of tricks too!

sending over lots of love, little popcorn!