☁ Whens whens wedsday!


Let’s start the day with this quote I heard on The Dog Whisperer: “Dogs are like books, every time I open it and close it I learn something.” — Cesar Millan

Good Afternoon World!! :D It’s a beautiful day today :D WoooHooo! Purrfect to take the furkids out to play :} ♥♥♥

Popcorn has been following the chocolate drink wherever it went today. Haha. What a greedy little baby :P She placed her paw on the chair, reached for the straw, and wriggled her little nose. Oooooo boys.  Then the sleepyhead got tired of waiting and went to bed :D

I think Poppy realizes that Giggs and Sissy are leaving tomorrow! :( — “Whaaaad — No more hOmie!!!”


*Note to Self* Remind Mommy to do up the Cesar Millan 2012 Tour Poster for Me!!

:D! and ohh! Hide Giggs somewhere in the house by morning. 8) Night peeps!

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