☛ Who’s a f__ eater? o.O


After much struggle with feeding time this morning, mommy and i decided to take Popcorn to the vet for a general check up. Mommy was worried that Poppy had worms in her stomach. :|

Popcorn was shaking a lot in the car, as she always does. She made her mini crate vibrate in my lap! Poor kid, why are you shaking? There’re nothing to be afraid of :)

We saw the sweet vet Dr. Kim again today. :) She was great. Poppy seems to remember her, her tail wagging, mouth like smiling. :) ❤ We talked about Popcorn’s diet and eating habits. Yup, I’m going to heed her advice to have Poppy know who’s boss. She said that with poodles, it’s mostly a mind game. They are easy to train, but they can also train their owners easily. Haha. sounds about right there.

We dewormed her too. :) yay. i’m more at ease now. Dr. Kim said that it is better to deworm dogs that usually lick the floor or grass as they are prone to pick up worms that other dogs leave behind. uh huh. Poppy sure falls into this category. She licks every little thing she sees, and every floor she steps on. :D We’ll just have to deworm her every 3 months, a quarter of a tablet each time, 2 weeks apart. :)

How Dr. Kim fed Popcorn her deworming quarter of a pill:

oh boy. she was amazing.

She tilted Poppy’s head back, dropped the pill at the back of her tongue, closed her jaws, and blew gentle at Popcorn’s nose. 

tee hee. voila! Popcorn swallowed the pill. Dr. Kim did it!

Best friend and i burst out laughing. It looked like Popcorn didn’t have clue what just happened. The method was easy, just like that. :) i hope i’ll be able to do it for Popcorn on the 6th of March too. :}

Dr. Kim said that Popcorn’s a big girl now. :) We showed her Popcorn’s Bang! trick, down trick, paw, and beg trick. =D

In the end, Dr. Kim diagnosed her with fussy eating syndrome (nah, she didn’t exactly say that). So there’s nothing wrong with Poppy! yay. To further observe Popcorn’s current health status, Dr. Kim placed Popcorn on the ground to see her move. She said. “ahh.. you’re so happy ah. you’re okie” haha. She sure is :} ❤


We came home and as always, Popcorn was uber happy :D hopping and bouncing around. :))) lovess

Tonight will be the battle between Poppy and FluffyPopcorn.


I’m gonna win.


Start Time: 20:00

Popcorn paces around the food bowl. sniffing. backing away. sniffing. backing away. circling. backing away. sniffing. backing away. sniffing.

20:38 Poppy sits near me at the sofa, waiting.

heh. +03hrs 05 mins later…

I would say that’s quite a success! :D yayyyyyyyyeeeeee!!!!! Way to go Poppy! Way to go! ❤


04:15 am

i was too hungry in the night so i sneaked down the stairs, opened the fridge door real slowly, and pulled out a packet of milo. O.O oops. Sorry Poppy o.O Go back to sleep. :P


Wanti said Popcorn ate tissue this morning from under the tv table. She also said she likes Popcorn to be naughty. eh? =O