☄ Whoa! It’s maaaah favorite chew toy!!


Ooooo yay! New Chew Toy!

Generation thrweeeee!


[in between]

[in between] haha!

[in between]


It took the furball only 15 minutes to cause this damage to her brand new yellow rope chew toy. Yes  Popcorn i know this was the very first chew toy design you had to play with as a little popcorn, but you didn’t have to get into it So much So soon did ya?! =O

Video of Little Poppy playing with her very first chew toy :D

Such small earrssss you had Popcorn!!! And a very fluffy face too!


2 Comments on “☄ Whoa! It’s maaaah favorite chew toy!!”

  1. Dogs N Pawz says:

    That looks like our toys after we play with them! We demolish everything!!!!!

  2. hehehe I had one like that and it looked worse that popcorns after i played with it BOL

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