♧ 25th March 2012


“Yayee!!!! Mommy’s finally home!!! and i’m all ready to dash up and down the living hall. Weeeeeeeee~~~~~ weeellllcome home mommmmmmmmmy!


WhOoooOooOo~ Attention Attention!

Poppy’s entering the cutest dog contest. Shortlisted pets stand a chance to appear on the billboard at a doggie event with other cute doggies! Mommy’s been spending the entire day deciding which photo to submit! We finally decided on this photo of me almost snoozing with mr. pineapple :) *paws crossed*, hope they like it! ♥ :} tweet!

These are the other photos Mommy and best friend woke up so early just to snap. :)

☛ Take a peek ;)



If it’s raining where you’re at, keep warm my dear furiends :)
Snuggle up in your blankie, keep warm and rest :)
And if it isn’t raining, 
well.. happy basking in the sun =D
Drink lots of  water, 
and oooo enjoy the fun :D
Poppy can’t wait for morning to come! :} weeeeeee

8 Comments on “♧ 25th March 2012”

  1. raisingdaisy says:

    Every picture of Poppy is a cute picture – she’s a shoe-in for the win! :)

  2. Chew says:


  3. Oh Popcorn…you are so photogenic! It is so hard to say which photo is our favorite…but if I had to pick: it would be the one immediately after the Mr. Pineapple picture. You are just too cute!

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