✌☝st March 2012


The Poor Dragonfly..

Remember the trapped dragonfly that Mommy was trying to set free last night? Well Mommy said it was found lying on the floor of the living hall this morning and Poppy was toying around with it. O.O eee Poppy! What were you thinking?! Let the poor fella rest (in peace)! Poor dragonfly… thank goodness Popcorn wasn’t hungry. phew~


Ooo! The Story of Fourth Toofy!

Popcorn and Zebit playing fetch and chase,
 fling to the right, and she was back to the race.
Then Popcorn stopped and stood in a daze,
so Mommy came to check and boy was she amazed!
Poppy’s fourth toofy fell off todaz! :D


Popcorn sharing the workload :D


                     ♜ MILESTONE!♜

            Popcorn ate a pinch of BANANANANA today.
                             It looks like someone’s in !


4 Comments on “✌☝st March 2012”

  1. raisingdaisy says:

    Aw she lost another little toofy, how sweet! :) We still have all of Daisy’s baby teeth.

    I love your poem and the little crystal dog!

  2. chew says:

    nice post! lovely poem!

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