❣ What did Popcorn do today?

Popcorn hung out in the crate for awhile this afternoon as the pest master came for his routine house visit. :) We wanted to keep her safe from the chemicals they were spraying around the corners of the house. But for safe sake, Popcorn’s favorite lick spots were untouched and remained chemical free :)))

Then later in the afternoon, we refreshed Popcorn’s memory on the tricks she had learnt so far. :)) Baby was still responding well to the commands and actions. :) yay. We do this routine every day or every other day. :) She sure loves this time of the day. Treats treats food food chicken strips food strips do this do that What do you want Am i doing it Ok i’m doing it doing it now I’m done can i NOM now? prettyplease? — Is what I suppose goes on in her head during such sessions :P

Naughty Pops. Mommy said you appeared outside on the car porch today. What were you thinking babe?! Remember…. With leash, we can cross the line, without leash… Be prepared for the deafening CLAP once you step across the line. You copy? Good :D

More strawberries baby?

Popcorn working for them involves her standing on twos, bobbing up and down in front of the food source and food handler, maintaining complete focus on best friend, and ignoring my call to come. So my final trump card was to cry in agony, followed by play dead. :D yes! baby LOVES me!! Wahah. Manipulation much? She ran towards my limp body and started licking my face. :P aw thanks baby… :]]]] ❤ thank you for trying to lick me awake :P Peanut, my sister’s other cat used to do that too when my brother-in-law played dead. Yeah I got that idea from him ;) tee. Aha i think this activity would work its magic each and every time. ;) ❤

Guess who’s going for actual swimming lessons next Thursday!!!

yay! I can’t wait! We’ll be going together with my friend and her doggie Toby to the swimming school. :D thank you babe for making the arrangements and taking time off from work to bring Poppy corn along with Toby for swimming lessons. :D hugs.

Poppy poopy when we got homey

:D yup, that sums the night up. :D poop was cleared, strawberry stunt performed, and bedtime is finally here :D All right now.. night night Poppers! See you in the morrrning baby ;)

The tacking sound you so often make :}

I love the sound of your voice and breathing when you get excited or curious. You make this slightly soft tacking sound about 5 to 6 times as you catch your breath, it’s adorable. :) I move close to you just to listen. ❤ I love you baby~ Have a Happy Valentines’ Day :}

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