♥ aww she misses me =}


I didn’t go downstairs until 4pm this afternoon. :) I could hear baby whining a little throughout the morning. oh baby.. Mommy and daddy talked to her every now and then, telling her that I’ll be coming down soon. They didn’t know that i was already awake. :) Now mommy tells me over the phone that Popcorn’s been constantly staring up the stairs. Perhaps she can hear me typing Loudly on the laptop. :D But remember baby, you’re training up to wear big girl pants now. :] I’ll come down in a jiffy okie. :) big hugs soons.

Wish i’d videoed her reaction when i finally came downstairs. She was out of control, hopping about sky high and in circles. hee. I took photos of her as i walked down the stairs. Will put them up in a bit. Mommy noticed that she started to get excited, tail wagging and eyes fixated at the top of the stairs. She said, “Why are you staring at the stairs Popcorn and suddenly so excited. She’s not coming down yet.” heh. Mommy didn’t know i was peeping from the stairs, and that Popcorn was watching. :)

Here are the photos:

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6 pm – 8 pm Was out grocery shopping for the Big Celebration! :} woooOoohoooOoooOo~

8 pm – 10 pm I made a giant meal tonight for best friend and myself in light of celebrating Graduation Day. :D yay! Poppy corn was pretty lost seeing me peep in and out of the kitchen checking if best friend had arrived home from work. Popcorn was licking me as i served the food from the kitchen to the living hall. heh. i miss u too baby. She sat with us on the sofa after dinner tonight. tee hee. We watched the Manchester United verses Liverpool match, as well as Disappeared. :D Good thing that mom and dad didn’t see her on the sofa. I think they would have flipped. :P

I realized that Popcorn’s kinda stinky today, even though she showered yesterday. I’m thinking about giving her a quick rinse tomorrow what do you say? :) Mommy sure thinks so. :D

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