✉ Letters about Popcorn ❤


Whenever i’m feeling so tired from the jammed packed series of activities in the day, i just want to melt in my white sheets and retire for the night (or mostly morning). But then something gets me going for a little while longer, in spite of my body’s desperate cries for muscle relaxers, or a full body massage — something such as writing about you, Popcorn. Keeping a journal about you has been one of the most meaningful decisions i’ve made in recent months. When i write about you, it takes me on a sacred getaway, away from the hassel and bussel of everyday life. During these moments, I get to recollect my thoughts and feelings during the tiniest of moments spent with you, and re-experience the way you make me feel. I love this, even if it means trading a few hours of sleep to pin down my daily thoughts of you — you’re my perfect ending to every-kind-of-day ❤.

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