❣ Popcorn gets a Red Packet!


Popcorn is ready for Lunar New Year!


Popcorn received a Red Packet today! :D

Check it out:

oooo what’s that


eee-hah sniffing some red packet

grabbing ang bao :D

a-hem leave it alone, it’s MINE

ooo yummy

thinking… when is it officially going to be MINE

yeah! thank you very much

woooopeeee finally MINE!

Gently destroying~ nommm




Quit tempting me please

Very tempted now, can’t even look at it anymore

What’s the big idea, “only see, cannot touch?!”

Okie fine. Just one look

Staring very hard at it. thinking maybe it might just fall down?


Still staring….

Eh. My cool hat

And my cool butt label (still not my doing)

AH HAH FINALLY: Giving thanks to the heavens for the golden flappy gift :D

happily hanging on to it now

ay. What’s on your mind now. Don’t’even think about it. It’s MINE.

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