☛ Popcorn is Adam Sandler o.O


Today was an extremely productive day, bombarded with nothing but exercise and fun :D Best friend, mom, and I spent the entire day at the club using the facilities. :D yay! It has been a while since I’ve visited this place. Sure feels as welcoming as before :) We used the gymnasium, the pool, and of course visited the diners, and ate ice cream! Great fooood :D  Ordered ham and cheese sandwich with a side of smoked salmon, and a breakfast set with TWO sunny side ups, ham, sausage, toast, and HASHBROWN!!!! ooo yummmy. ❤

We headed over to the pool after gym and snacking. :D 10 laps! boy were we tired. @.@ if only Popcorn was there. This swimming pool definitely beats her first swimming complex hands down :D

[Missing Popcorn while running on track mill, rowing mechanical canoe, swimming in pool, eating ice cream. Thinking about all the things we could do outside the city. Take Popcorn on a plane ride!]

We finally came home for a bit before heading out for a movie with dad. :D Bouncing fur ball was hyperventilating at the top of the stairs, unable to come down to greet us. haha. :P Feeling slightly bad for leaving her home alone all day. =\ I made a promised to spend extra time with her when we got back.

At the Movies :D

Popcorn is Adam Sandler

What do you think of this picture? heh. Those who watched the movie “Jack and Jill” would know what this was about. :) I thought it would be cute to do something like that, seeing that Popcorn’s name was repeatedly mentioned in the show. :D heh. Yet another reminder of poppy corn :}

Yay we’re finally home Popcorn ❤

Best friend and I took Popcorn out for a run at the neighborhood stadium track (not sure if that’s a crime?). Great walk poppers ;) She really enjoyed herself bouncing and running around. :) First midnight walk huh Popcorn :D Milestone~! We played fetch with pineapple and Poppers when we got home. Jumping over the Leg Trick ready got her used to jumping across obstacles (best friend’s legs) to retrieve her toy. She jumped real High tonight! ;D

All FUN ceased when an unexpected “guest” made its presence known. x_x eeeeeeeeks.

At the corner of the hall was a cockroach (who doesn’t flinch at the sound of this word x.x). I grabbbbed Popcorn up and hopped to the highest platform of the living hall. O.O WANTIIIIIIII !!!!!! (best friend called out) – o.m.g useless humans you must be thinking. But the phobia of these beings stemmed from an early age when one of them flew into my ear and made the fluttering piak sound. GROSS. so ya, now whenever i see them, or bees, or dragonflies, moths, hornets, butterflies, flying bugs, or any small flying thing, i’ll cover my ears. There was once, i cupped socks over my ears just to stay in the same room with a lost cockroach. =.= Phew, thankfully Wanti caught this one and release it back to the outdoors. =\ Wouldn’t want to imagine what Popcorn would have done if she were in face with one of them. O_O Best friend said “look at this one, immediately carry Popcorn and protect her with all her might.” :D — but of course.

How time flies, it’s Friday again! :D T.G.I.F!

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