☄ Say hello to hotter and more humid days: Mid January is here


With mid January being the start of hotter and more humid days, the desire to snuggle in bed with the air-conditioner switched on is becoming ever more appealing. Such weather usually causes me to oversleep. Just like i did today. o.O Sorry baby Popcorn for bringing you your breakfast half an hour later than usual today! Mom jokingly said that Popcorn didn’t want to play or move around much because she was too hungry. Poor baby. Note to Self: There cannot be a next time, no. I’m glad Popcorn wasn’t mad at me or anything. A kid probably would be? :P I played with her for a couple of hours and then headed out for the afternoon.

♥ Back at home:

Poppers has this habit of running away from the door when she see me returning home, and the moment i take a step into the house, she would dash towards me with tail wagging crazily, greeting me or any family member. haha. Looks like running away from the door before charging ahead with full ♞-power helps her gain speed and momentum. :D After the 9pm show, I brought Popcorn out to the swing at the deck and laid her down on my lap. Her heart was racing a little, perhaps from being curious about her surroundings. Her head held high as she gazed around and enjoyed the gentle breeze. Then she did the most adoring thing. She stood on her hind legs, with paws resting on my chest, and she looked at me. Then she rested her head on my shoulder ♥ Like a baby you are. :) She rested there for about one minute. :} i was fluttering with joy :D cute tiny puppy was resting its head on my shoulder ♥

I love to feel the pressure of her paws against my body. Sometimes she does that to protest that she no longer wants to be carried. Her tiny paws doing the pushing action tickles best friend and i.

-Popcorn stamping her authority- heh.

She’s just 1.8kg. ooohooo. smallness. Well tonight was a lovely experience :) thanks Popcorn. I left the fan on for Popcorn tonight. The weather’s a killer it really is these few days. Ball of fluffiness must maintain cool in this hot weather. Take care Poppers, rest abundance tonight :}

1230 a.m Popcorn sounds the POOP BARK alert.

I went downstairs and sure enough poop was found :D heh baby. I stayed with her for a little while. boy was it hot downstairs. I’m glad i left the fan on, was even tempted to switch on the air-conditioner =X I tried to cool Popcorn down by resting my cold hand on her belly, she really liked it. Belly Up was what she did most of the time i was downstairs. cute baby :) i repeatedly told her i love her. i think she knows it ;) ♥

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