☎ at the crate station


Good noon :} I’ll be working at the crate station with smallness today :) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Miss hanging, sticking, and clinging around Popcorn like we used to.  :) She seems happy with this arrangement, tunneling through the small space between the wall and the cushion. :D

Someone looks interested in my morning dose of coffee :D

Hanging out with Mr. Frog and Popcorn :D


A little bird told me that Popcorn was really naughty this morning. She was found sitting at the top of the stairs, seen at the front of the door looking through glass panels, and spotted loitering at the forbidden sofa area.

Guilty as Charged >>>>>>>>>


I’ll be heading to my grandma and grand-dad’s house later tonight to deliver New Year cookies! oooo lunar new year is fast approaching! In celebration of the coming holidays, click here to see the video of the Chinese Ornament Thief on Lunar New Year :D

some minutes later….

omg popcorn just did a poot. AHAH! her face, not displaying any bashfulness. :P

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