♞ Tug of War


Popcorn baby playing tug of war >>>>>>>>>>>>

Video upload soon!

The tiny thing tried to squeeze between my back and the wall today. HAHA. She stayed there and waited for her belly rub. How do you suppose i do that Popcorn? Why didn’t you just come in front? silly thing. Take a look at the video uploaded. It’s way funny to see how one minute she’s totally engrossed in the (tug of war) game, and the next minute, she’s back facing me, pretending that nothing’s going on. :D baby….

I just came back from Jam Hsiao’s concert. It was GREAT! He was great. :) Rushed back home to catch the last minutes of Man U match. heh. :D we won! 3-0! YAY! :) Popcorn was uber happy to see us home. Total fur ball playing with her fur toys, running all over the world. :D she’s sleeping now with one of her paws dangling outside her crate. haha. cuteness. :] kinda saw it moving a moment ago, must be dreaming again pops. Hugs.. It’s going to be a cold night, keep warm baby :} Hug your fur toys tight ♥ it’s raining cats, dogs, monkeys, and bananas.

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