❂ Wee morning of 12 January


Finally came home to see Popcorn after a whole day out :D heh. Boy was she a happy lad. There isn’t any more you can expect from a dog that Popcorn does not fulfill. :) She’s my perfect companion. We played the case of the missing object with her just now. Haha. You should have seen her face when we threw the toy in her direction but did not actually throw it; blur faced and searching around for the missing thing. Heh. She would circle us, look between our legs, peep, sniff, burrow for clues. Hee hee. But of course we couldn’t bare to keep her away from her toy for long, and as soon as she had visual confirmation –  DASH – and AWAY SHE WENT. :D We also played hide and seek tonight. I hid behind the sofa and she stopped and stared, thinking of which exit I would appear from behind the sofa. :} She’s a patient girl. :) She really can wait.

Best friend realized that Popcorn head turns as I walk around the hall. She said that Popcorn shifts her position so that she maintains visual contact with me. =) We tested that theory today and boy was she right. :) Best friend got a video of her doing that previously. :) Oh baby, how can anyone not love you =}

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