▣ More moments with Popcorn ッ


I just came back from facial and dear Popcorn was staring at the door from the stairs, tail wagging. She hopped right down and bounced around in circles jumping over my legs, licking and being all excited. Heh. Gone are the blues of Thursday afternoon. :D I feel better now that you’re here. :) I took her out for a quick run by the side lane as it looked like it would pour anytime now. :) Hopefully we can bring her on a real walk later in this evening. :] cross fingers pops!

Sometimes I forget that you’re only four and a half months old :) and like all four and a half month old babies, you seek hugs, affection, and attention ever so often. Heh. Your way of showing it works like a charm and gets my attention every time. heh heh standing on your hind legs and peeping at me from where you’re at. Yea baby you sure know exactly what to do. :]

9:15 p.m

HAHAHA. Classic replay moment from yesterday (the case of the missing object game). :P I did it again tonight but sadly I didn’t capture it on video yet again. :( Will try to do so the very next time, before Popcorn realizes the point of the game. Haha. Her reaction tonight was uber cute. She dashed towards the direction where I threw the toy, and as she charged closer and closer to the wall, her paws “zem brake” (i.e. did somewhat an emergency brake), and then total blur face. She started looking high and low for mr. frog, looked up the stairs, looked back at me, looked left, looked right. “EH????????” and then 15 seconds later she turned back and saw mr. frog sitting right in front of me. DASSSHHH BACKKKKKK. NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU. Was her first instinct. =D

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