▣ Simple moments with Popcorn


I didn’t see much of Popcorn today.. :( I sure missed her a lot. Immediately after I returned home, best friend and I brought her out for a good walk at 7 in the evening and she really enjoyed herself :) As my friend went to get the daily newspaper from the eco-minimart, Popcorn and I ruled the streets (o.O pedestrian sidewalks that is). Wooohooo. We had a nice walk today. I’m currently still bringing along Popcorn’s treats to motivate her to walk more and I’m glad that it’s working. ;) Ran the last 100 meters again with Poppers. Boy is she a fast one. I was sprinting like in the Olympics.

01:30 a.m

Popcorn just barked, but I was pretty sure that that bark wasn’t her typical poop bark and i was right. I kinda guessed that she was feeling lonely. Baby.. I’ll see you in the morning okay. Meanwhile, try to catch some butterflies in your dreams, I love you fluff ball. :}


I love it when you bounce around the house when I come back home to you. :)

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