❂ Popcorn and Potatoes, Mom and Popcorn


I dreamt of Popcorn last night. :) I brought her to the museum/ country club place where she wasn’t allowed. So to sneak her out, I placed her in my handbag and walked straight through the front doors. Haha who knew that my handbag stored mountains of French fries and Popcorn was nibbling them up. HAHA. Where in the world did that dream stem from?! Must have combined my two most favorite things in the world together = FRIES and Popcorn! =D

Heh. I woke up in the morning and my mom told me how naughty Popcorn was today. It was regarding her stealing Chinese Ornaments from the tree again. Wooohoo. Guessed as much I didn’t tell her that I already saw Popcorn doing it and totally let her off because it was a moment so worth recording right. :P Oh wells. Now the tree is totally not within Popper’s reach. Mom said Popcorn has a look when she’s guilty conscious, the eyes half see-don’t see. HAHA.

5.42 p.m

Mommy’s playing with Poppers now. :P The moment she walks towards Popcorn, Popcorn would curl up and show her belly awaiting for some five star belly rub. :D She only does this with my mom. ;) See ma… She loves you okay.

(◕^^◕) Belly up

Stay tune for the Lunar New Year Chinese Ornament Thief video. :D in the midst of editing now :)

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