❣ Pleasant surprise from Mommy ❣


Popcorn went for a good run at the side lane today with me. :) 20 laps of about 50 meters each. That sure drained some of her energy in the morning, because Popcorn’s bath time at noon was uber delightful and hassle free! :D Blowing her thick fur coat without the help of a blow dryer holder can be a challenge on bad days, if without help. But today, the process was easy pea-sy :D She whined a little during her shower and sounded like she was humming a tune, and while blow drying, Popcorn rested her head on my leg and laid there quietly without a struggle. It was like she knew no one else was around at home to help with the holding of the blow dryer. ;) I think she even took a nap and drifted off to dreamland for a good 15 minutes. In the mean time I snapped photos of her like there was no tomorrow and also trimmed a little of her fur. This was by far the best behaved Popcorn has been during a hair trim. (duh. She was sleeping~ o.O)

Some after-bath photos :)

Then mommy came back home, and Popcorn heard her car drive through before I knew it. =) excellent guard dog Popcorn haha. The first thing I saw walking through the door was a HUGE RED BASIN! The kind that grandmas use to bathe their grandbabies. Perfect buy mom! She overheard that I was looking to buy a big tub for Popcorn to use as a swimming pool to play and exercise. Heh, sweet mommy went out and got us one. :D what a pleasant surprise! Thanks mom! It was an excellent choice, with sufficient depth and width for a tiny pup, and has the perfect color — Popcorn looked gorgeous sitting in it. ^.^ Haha my mom was very excited to see Popcorn using the tub, she immediately put her things down, removed the price tag ($17.50!) and hurried towards Popcorn, wanting to pick her up. HAHA. poor Poppers was slightly terrified by the sight of the giant tub and mom running towards her with arms wide opened. I told my mom that Popcorn’s first experience in the tub had to be a calm and positive experience with her feeling safe. :P We waited for Popcorn to display some curiosity towards the tub before carrying her in to explore her swimming complex. Boy did she look super cute in there. :) Check out the photos below :] We’ll save the swimming until next week before bath time :D

And I wonder what Popcorn could have been thinking… “eh. I thought we were going to do something cool, or at least fun but why was I just placed in a giant tub… posing for a million photos?!”


Oh ya, we got Popcorn new treats yesterday! :D Chicken and Lamb Jerkies by Wellness. :) It is completely grain-free, with no artificial coloring, flavoring, corn or wheat. :) Wellness uses minimal ingredients as well as natural ingredients as preservatives. :D Poppers loves it! I spent the first half of the afternoon chopping them up into tini wini pieces, occasionally tossing them on the floor for Popcorn to discover ;) way to go! They are looking pretty in the glass jar :}

The Swimming Complex

Cute ain’t she? :)))))

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