☢ Poop alert


It’s 3.45 in the morning and baby just barked. I supposed it was a poop bark so I went downstairs as soon as I heard her. :) Popcorn pooped indeed. :) Silly girl just couldn’t stand having poop near her. :) And I guess she was feeling kinda lonely tonight too (as I was) so the moment I opened the crate, she jumped straight out and started hopping around my feet. :) endearing. I miss you too. I had been editing videos of her the entire night and seeing her again for real outside the screen is a nice feeling. I haven’t seen her at 4 in the morning many times before, i think she looks a wee bit cuter. Her eyes seemingly bigger in the dim light :] cutie pie. :} Should have taken a photo, but I was too lazy to climb the stairs. Haha. Alright now Popcorn.. mommy’s got to go to sleep. Waking up early for you real soon. Big hugs, sleep tight now. :} loves.

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