☄ Popcorn’s Must-Watch Reaction to Dog Barking Audio


I replayed Popcorn’s baby videos on my laptop and this video was a recording of how Popcorn reacted to the sounds of the puppies barking in the pet store she was previously at. I wonder if she remembers those days. I feel a little bad for bringing up the memory if she does. Her reaction was uber cute though. :D

Popcorn’s not allowed on the stairs, perhaps you could tell from the video that she hesitated a little before taking each step up. Then again, the temptation to peep or rather her curiosity towards barking puppies (more like all things) was just too great for one popcorn to handle, she absolutely had to come see for herself. heh. and ya I was giggling when i took this video, that explains the vibrating movements :D

I laid on the floor with Popcorn today and saw the world as she does. :) Everything looks bigger, and at that moment I felt like she and I connected on a deeper level. :) I wondered how it would be like if she slept in bed with me, be that kind of dog that shares the same room as their owners. I may try that at least once when she’s older. She looked beautiful up close and I wish I’d captured the moment :) Many times I hope to tell her that “I have complete trust in you Popcorn, I hold no thoughts or fears that you would hurt me. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe and healthy baby”.

Somehow, I believe she gets it.

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