✸ First walk to East Coast Park ✸


1st January 2012 Evening

:D Mom, dad and I went for a swim today and Popcorn was popping her head up to see us every now and then. Heh. Too cute. Then we decided to take a walk to East Coast Park together with Popcorn, for the very first time in her life! So exciting! Today marks the New Year; totally appropriate for making milestones! :D yippee! I wasn’t sure if Popcorn was going to be up for the challenge, it’s a 3 click walk from here =D.

So we got ready… packed up a bottle of water, her foodies (just in case of feeding time)… got her leash and harness…. Took a picture~ and off we went!

And the journey begins..

Popcorn was doing her usual thing.. taking her time with her first steps. Mom and Dad were walking slightly faster and realized that Popcorn was really quite slow. Haha. My mom offered to hold Popcorn’s leash while I walked in front so that Popcorn could chase me and pick up speed. It WORKED! Haha. Popcorn gained speed fast and soon enough we were well on our way. :)

This baby was attracting quite a bit of gaze from passersby (human and fur friends alike). Yeah. I think she enjoyed the attention. :D She ran fast in the wind beside me, soaked up the sunlight, and expressing total love for the outdoors. :) Minutes into the walk, I saw Popcorn walk pass her usual path and started walking on the new path smoothly without hesitation. I was uber happy :) So proud of you baby. We took many videos of you running today. So ke ai. :D

About halfway through the walk Popcorn starting panting slightly, with her tiny pink tongue hanging from her mouth. That was the cutest sight. I picked her up occasionally to allow her some rest time before we continued. :) What took half hour on a usual basis, took twice as long with Popcorn. :D she surely helps to slow down the pace, which really is a good thing. :) Mom and dad were also smiling a lot today :) way to go Popcorn! Hi^5!

Taking breaks at the traffic lights :)

We reached our destination an hour later. :D Subway! Mommy held on to Popcorn while we went to get food. One of Popper’s paw fell between the big gaps in the chair and my mommy said Popcorn whined. Haha. Anyway, we fed her some water and tried to feed her her kibbles. She didn’t want them, only took one tiny piece. I knew that we had to pick up our pace and hurry home so that Popcorn could PEE, POOP, and Eat. Ya… she didn’t do any of that today. Weird thing is she isn’t like other dogs who relief themselves when they’re close to nature. My popcorn prefers home. O.o

We took turns to carry Popcorn home for fear that too long a walk could potentially harm Popcorn at such a young age. Here’s a photo of poppers in my dad’s arms. =D

We stopped occasionally near other dog pee spots hoping to induce Popcorn to do the same, however to no avail. =.= For the final 200 meters back home, I put Popcorn back down and realized that she was totally fine with walking on her own. Haha. The joke was on us. :P We sprinted back home, fast pace, like lightning speed.

Back home, I dashed Popcorn to the sink and wash her up, followed by carrying her immediately to her pee area. Heh. That cute thing let it all go instantly. :D

She drank some water and I fed her after. :P she gobbled. Oops Popcorn I know you’re hungry. Promise to have better time management in the future okay? Then I blew dry her feet and brushed her fur coat as I checked through for any signs of weird insects. :) She passed with flying colors. Placed her back onto the floor and she simply melted. Not a sound, and there she was, eyes closed, building sandcastles in the sky. Aww. Snuggles.

Love you baby, hope you had a great day. :) I know we did.

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