▩New Army Shirt!


Poppers tried on her new outfit today. Oh man… love it~ I’ve uploaded a video for you (notice the price tag still on). She’s a size 10, the smallest size available. Oooo. I can’t wait to get her more. Weeee.






I also went to Nex today to get her some treat containers. Heh the kind that makes food look extremely yummy. :) Finally, i got her a $20.00 notice board to place on top of her cage. Ya, I know 20 bucks is not cheap. But the sides are made of oak! Too nice to miss, and the perfect size as well :D heh. Photo below ;) – taken on 28th December 2011

Check out the chicken drumstick under the frog’s jaw. =D totally hilarious and apt because Popcorn loves chicken~ :D

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