❣ Popcorn meets my best friend’s family


Popcorn has been accompanying me for the last two days while I carved wooden pieces as gifts for this Christmas :) I bought her a dog shaped wooden display which I intend to carve her name on after this batch is completed. :) it’s going to look so cute hanging at her door way =) Hope you will like it Popcorn! Who am I kidding, haha I doubt she’s even going to notice it’s there. Tiny puny popcorn. Oooo loves. Total spending for the materials needed to carve wood and decorate gifts — S$104.00. O.O! But it’s alllllll worth it. ;) Even though my finger was jabbed by the carving knife a couple of times =.=

Popcorn meets my best friend’s family

The star of the night! Popcorn received lots of kisses, hugs, and recognition for the few tricks she performed, and for being totally adorable. :D Very welcoming of her guests, she greeted each and every person at the party with affection and pure excitement, like we’re one big family.

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