☁ Popcorn’s first day outside! =D


Popcorn went for a walk in the neighborhood for the very first time today. Today was a quick exposure to the outside world. How was it going to turn out? We were all curious :}

So, Popcorn has an invisible line about 10 inches from the door which she is forbidden to cross.

I put on her purple harness and leash and walked her towards the door. Baby SCREECHED to a HALT just before the line. HAHA! We were all laughing too hard! Uber cuteee. She did not dare to cross the line which she learned would activate a thunderous piak sound from the heavens. Haha. I decided to carry her across the line to the outside and let her walk from there. :P Cuteness.

I carried Popcorn the first half of the walk until we reached the void deck of the HDB blocks near the coffee shop. That was where she felt most comfortable taking her first steps. I guess the gravel road was too rough for her first time as compared to the cemented floor. The walk was overall pretty good towards the end as she became more open to stepping on the road =D MILESTONE! =D

Popcorn looked pretty shaken up when she got back and pee-ed a millions. But I guess that’s usual with most first experiences. :) still excellent effort babe! Until your next BIG walk ;)

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