✌ Vaccine day! And very first automobile ride with me =D


Popcorn’s 3rd vaccination occurred today! She was one brave girl and was very well behaved in the taxi and at the veterinarian. The folks at the vet were curious about Popcorn, peeping into her crate and asking about her. Popcorn played peek-a-boo with them. <3 :)

Playing peek-a-boo in her portable crate

Out from her crate and sitting quietly on the bench :)

Looking cute there~

Somebody bored:

Patiently waiting for her turn :)

“Oh no. What have i gotten myself into?”

“WHo’s that?!”

“Nooooooo….” She protests

“Okay fine, looks like I lost the battle”

See what this puppy got: 

     … really expensive beer O.O

After her shot, Popcorn looked like nothing much had happened :D

21st November Back @ Home:

Popcorn meets Giggs = Pee with excitement

My sister brought Giggs, her West Highland Terrier dog over for some socializing today. :) Popcorn, oh Popcorn, why were you so excited? She pee-ed. She pee-ed while running, and hopping ridiculously around in her crate twice! Haha. This was Popcorn’s first up close and personal dog meet up session, so I guess this reaction was expected. I calmed her down assertively, as Cesar Millan would have, and then reinforced her calm behavior. :D Ah Popcorn… why are you so cuteeee? :D

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