☁ Bring HOME POPCORN day!


When I reached the pet store, the aunty placed Popcorn in the portable crate that I brought. She looked pretty lost. Her small face peeping from the white door. Hee. Okay baby.. you’re going to be safe with me :) We got her some of the current food she was eating, a comb, vitamins, probiotics, revolution, ear cleaner, shampoo, conditioner, and some doggie powder. :D and off we go Popcorn, on our life journey. :D yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

O.O! Popcorn is home!!!!!


☝Above is the very first photo taken of Popcorn when she got home on 14 Nov 2011. I couldn’t capture her (excited, happy, freaked out, or nervous) face until several attempts later. O.o i’ll save the clearer photos for a later post :)


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